Meet the Crew

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Captain Austin Forsman is the primary operator of R&R Charters. He was been fishing in the San Juan Islands for 20 years. Starting from an early age Austin had a never dying passion for the outdoors and especially the water. He hauled in his first salmon at the age of 4. He has since been fishing with his dad, and many other friends gathering knowledge and know how on these fish. Captain Austin is a student at Central Washington University and is studying Physical Education and School health. This is a convenient career choice because it opens up his summers to target his other passion, FISHING!


Captain Raymond grew up in California. He started working on the charter boats down there when he was 8 years old. From then on he has had a strong and never dying passion for the water. Along with fishing in California, Captain Raymond has also spent 13 years fishing in the Bering Sea in Alaska. He was born to fish! As for now Raymond can be found working on the water for the Washington State Ferry system, and if he’s not working for us or them, then you can almost guarantee that he is out pursuing his strongest passion, KILLING FISH!


Captain Tyler McKeen, the newest member of our crew, caught his first fish when he was 2 years old and hasn’t stopped since. Whether its catching minnows out of a small pond, or fighting monster salmon, Tyler can’t get enough. A true sportsman, when he isn’t out on the saltwater guiding, you can probably find him alongside Captain Austin at any of the local lakes or rivers fishing. If he isn’t out fishing because of bad weather, you can be sure to find him in the duck fields hunting. Tyler is a junior in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program at the University of Washington but spends his summers and weekends at home where he fishes non-stop!


cfo Pattie, who is married to Brett, is the CFO and chief consultant on all matters business related. Her foresight, wisdom, and attention to the detail helps hold it all together, especially during the chaotic summer months.  On occasion she makes it out to land  a fish but much prefers dry land.  Below is Brett landing a king during a fantastic winter day. Together Brett and Pattie own R&R and Highliner Charters and employ many of Brett’s fishing fanatic friends who love to share their passion for the northwest.




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