• What if there is more than 6 in our party? We operate 2 charter boats which enables us to split larger parties (greater than 6) for comfort & convenience.
  • What should I bring?
    A warm jacket and layers of clothes, lunch, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, and rain coat, and rain boots.  Bring it all, we have plenty of storage.
  • Can we bring a cooler? Absolutely. Stuff it with as much food and drink as you can.
  • Can we bring alcohol on board?
    Yes, but we strongly caution against over consumption.
  • Will we see whales?
    Possibly, especially in the summer months.
  • What kind of fish will we catch?
    There are 5 species of salmon in the Pacific Northwest.  The current run will determine which type we’re targeting. If bottom fishing, May and June, we target halibut and lingcod.
  • What happens if it’s raining?
    Rain never stops us. It’s Washington!
  • What happens if it’s windy? We will cancel the trip with a full refund if the captain judges that it’s not safe to go.
  • family fun 2 july
    • Can my kids or grandma go for free if they don’t fish? Sorry, but the Coast Guard considers them a full person, our insurance company considers them a full person, and therefore we charge a full person rate.
    • Do you have Gift Certificates?
      Yes we do, so please ask us about them.
    • Can we get off on one of the Islands to explore? Can we go whale watching or or sight seeing?
      Sorry we only do fish, but we do it well!
    • What other activities are available in the area?
      The Pacific Northwest Marine Activities Association lists many other recreational activities available in Anacortes.
    • Is there a fish guarantee? No! We are very good at what we do, but we cannot make the fish bite or stay on the hook.
    • What to do with my catch? We will fillet and bag your fish. If you’re an out-of-area customer we sell styrofoam containers and gel packs for transporting or so you can arrange to ship it home. 
    • Our basic complimentary services include cleaning, filleting and bagging of your fish, plus supplying one free bag of ice or 3 gel packs for safe transportation.


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