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    Hello, my name is Captain Austin Forsman, and I am the operator of R&R.  I grew up in the town of Anacortes and have been fishing its surrounding waters since I was 5.  My goal is to see that you walk away totally satisfied. Though I can’t make the fish bite, I’ll do everything in my power to see that they get on the hook, and stay there, til they’re in the net! But before I get to the specifics of what we offer, let me give you a little background about how R&R got started:

    “R&R Charters was established by Ron and Joyce Panzero over 20 years ago to serve two purposes: to satisfy Ron’s unhealthy addiction to fishing and to help support the relief ministry Joyce had begun in Kenya, Africa.  The name originally stood for Ron and Ronnie, as Ron hoped to one day pass on his business to his son Ronnie.  In 2011 Ron was ready to fully retire to spend more time with his bride, and Ronnie had taken a job in the south sound and was unable to assume the charter business as planned.                                                     

      Ron and Brett Rosson had met in 2006 at Christ the King Church in Anacortes. They became close friends as Ron mentored Brett in the charter fishing business when Brett purchased Highliner Charters.  In 2011 Brett purchased R&R and decided to continue support for Rehema Ministry after the purchase.  Now that Brett had to find someone to help run the second business, and having met Austin Forsman while coaching his son in little league, Brett knew Austin was the man for the job.  Brett saw that Austin’s enthusiasm for fishing was totally infectious. He was charismatic, smart, driven, and, most importantly, had summers off since he chose teaching as a profession.  Austin took over operations of the charter in 2012 but soon found the growth of the business demanded he bring on some additional help.  Austin knew immediately who he needed to help run the operation, and so he called his fishing-addict friend, Tyler McKeen.  With the addition of Tyler, R&R experienced explosive growth. Tyler proved to be not only an absolute expert fisherman, but a man in possession of a truly winsome personality whom customers overwhelmingly loved and responded to.”

       R&R charters remains in close partnership with Highliner Charters to this day and often books its overflow on Highliner’s boat.  Both companies and staff are committed to the same high standards of customer service.  Our shared business model is simple “Catch Fish and Treat People Right”.  We can’t guarantee the former, but we do guarantee the latter.

Here’s some of what we offer:

  • A top-of-the-line fishing experience: We focus on finding the fish while providing unparallelled comfort, hospitality, and safety.

  • Our boat is a 28′ Parker, powered by twin 250 hp Yamaha engines, sporting a heated enclosed cabin, private and spacious bathroom facilities, and plenty of seating.

  • We operate two charter boats which enables us to split larger parties (greater than six people) for comfort and convenience.

  • We’re fully equipped with up-to-date fishing gear and tackle.

  • R&R Charters relies on the latest in electronics and safety equipment.

  • Captain Austin has 20 years experience fishing the San Juan Islands, is Coast Guard licensed, and fully insured.mar 8

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